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Ensuring site security is one of the major roles for a closer, yet it must be achieved without compromising convenience and ease of access. No matter how extensive and expensive the locks, latches, exit devices, card readers and electronic security systems are, if the door doesn't close properly, latching will be inconsistent, and security will be compromised. Seen in this light, the closer really is the heart of the opening.


Security problems can arise from improper closer installation, either in mounting and adjustment or with related hardware. For example, if the latch is not aligned properly, it may create enough friction to prevent the door from latching. This may not be a closer problem but a door alignment problem. It could be that hinges, pivots or other related hardware are worn or loose.


We understand the subtlety of each of these problems and are confident of being able to help with all these issues.


So if you have a door catching on the floor or frame or not closing for any reason then give us a call. We guarantee that this will be the only call you make to sort out the fault.

Security Door Failing to Latch

Security Door Failing to Latch

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